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How is the effect of wheat flour milling technology on flour color?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The products which are made from wheat flour are the most common food in northern of China. Sometimes you will find that the steamed bread will turn dark brown after repeated steaming, and the noodles will turn brown after they are made. Why do these phenomena occur in these products?

     Wheat flour for different kind of food

(1) Quality of wheat.

According to its seed coat color,raw wheat can be divided into red wheat, white wheat and mixed wheat. The content of pigments in red wheat bark was the highest, while that in white wheat was the lowest. When we do the wheat milling, a small part of the bran is always mixed into the wheat flour, which affects the flour color, so the quantity of bran and the color of wheat husk have a direct impact on the color of the flour.

When the flour is processed with the dark wheat, the bran can be clearly displayed, especially the flour with higher flour rate; the flour processed with light color wheat is relatively white.

In order to improve the flour color, light-colored wheat should be used in wheat flour blending under the permissible technological conditions. In addition, the wheat bark color of diseases, pests, germination, mildew and aging is usually deep, which has a great impact on the flour color. In the process of wheat blending and flour milling, the negative effects of these factors should be taken into account, so as to avoid affecting the overall quality and the grade of flour.

                        Wheat and the structure

(2) Pulverizing technology.

Flour milling requires a reasonable cleaning process and equipment. Domestic wheat has a high sand content, which can not be completely cleaned out due to short flour passage, thus mixing it into flour, increasing ash content of flour and affecting the flour color.

At the same time, water regulation in the wheat is an important process to obtain the best flour milling effect. The ability of water absorption and swelling of wheat grain cortex, aleurone layer and endosperm is different in sequence, and there will be micro-displacement in the radial direction of cross-section of wheat grain, which weakens the binding force of the three, and makes them easy to peel and scrape and separate.

The water content after absorbing water should not be too low, otherwise the wheat grain will not absorb enough water, and the wheat skin and embryo will not be easily separated, resulting in more bran and poor flour color in the flour.

                   Stainless steel dampener for water regulation

In addition, reasonable flour mixing and flour collection should be paid attention to. The ash content and protein content of flour in different flour extracting parts are different. It should

be collected according to the objective needs such as the purpose of use and the flow rate and ash content of each material flow.

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