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​Precooked maize milling machines for Africa

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In Africa, the people main food is Maize meal(super, special, sifted,unsifted, precooked) for making Ugali, Fufu, Sadza, Nshima and so on.


Except the Maize meal, the maize milling machines also can produce super white maize flour, samp, grits, maize rice and so on.

Our Hongdefa is doing maize milling machines and wheat flour milling machines in Africa for more 30 years. We are very popluar in Africa.

For producing precooked maize flour, we also have full experience.

​The precooked maize meal milling machine capacity is 30tons per 24 hours, 50tons per 24 hours, 100tons per 24 hours to 500tons per 24 hours.

​The precooked maize milling machines in Brazil to prodcue the very good quality precooked maize flour called Arepa.

Pecooked Maize Mill Flow Chart

flow chart.jpg

Cleaning - damping - moisture - degerminator - bin - steam bin - flaking mill - hammer mill - single sifter - hammer mill - double sifter - roller mill - sifter - flour bin - packing.

​Main Machines in precooked maize flour processing line

cleaning machines.jpg
​Maize Cleaner
​Maize Destoner
​Maize Damper
​Maize Degerminator
Flake mill.jpg
​Flake Mill
​Flake Mill
​Flake Mill
​Flake Mill

​Final Products for Prcooked Maize/Corn Flour

​Welcome Contact Us for Precooked Flour Mill Plant

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