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Hongdefa is professional for wheat and maize mill machine

Hongdefa factory since 1982, more than 35 years experience in manufacture of wheat flour mill machine, maize mill machine, silo and steel structure workshop.

Now we have 5 big workshop, they are, workshop 1 for making, flour mill machine roller mill, sifting machine, cleaning machine, like the destoner, high efficient cleaning machine, pipes, Cyclone Etc. Workshop 2 for painting, workshop 3 for high plan sifter, new technology development, workshop 4 for electric control panel. workshop 5 for the storage of machinery after manufacture.

Each year, we export more than 100 sets maize mill machine, wheat flour milling machinery. Now, we are preparing the, 75t maize mill machine for Congo, 62t wheat flour mill machine for Ethiopia, 50t maize mill machine for Uganda, 10t maize mill machine for Malawi, 50t maize mill machine for Zambia. Etc.

Sincerely welcome you visit our factory running maize mill machine, in factory, we set up one set 100t maize mill machine, for showing client, how does the machinery works.

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