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Hongdefa team visit Congo from 23th to 27th March 2019

Congo (DRC), the full name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (French: République démocratique du Congo), formerly known as Zaire (French: Zaïre), is a country in central Africa and the second largest in Africa and the eleventh in the world. Congo (Golden) has a land area of about 2.345 million square kilometers and a population of more than 77 million. It is also the country with the largestFrench-speaking population in the world.

Congo flag

Fufu is the main staple food for Congo people. Even in one country ,people’s favor for corn flour is different .For example,people in Kinshasa like super fine corn flour like Uganda fine Ugali flour.But people in Lubumbashi more like super white corn four with a bit of thickness like Zambia maize flour.

Fufu made by super white maize flour

With the continuous awakening of people's business consciousness, the rapid development of cities and the growing demand for corn flour, savvy Congolese found that the corn flour industry has great commercial development potential.

So now more and more businessmen tend to invest in the corn flour industry.

75t/24h corn milling machine being manufactured in China factory for Congo client.

50t/24h corn flour mill machine in Congo

Hongdefa have been in flour milling machine since 1982.We have 10 engineers who have more than 30years experience in this business. China First Export flour mill machine to Africa is installed by our Engineer MR.Guo 40 years ago

We have installed many sets of flour mill machines like Brazil, Argentina,Bolivia,Haiti,Venezuela, Costa Rica,Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia,Rd Congo, South,Africa,Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, Burkina faso,Ghana,Togo,Benin,Senegal,Angola,Egypt, lgeria,Vietnam,Malaysia,Uzbekistan,

Afghanistan,India,Pakistan etc.

Hongdefa clients all over the world

1500t/24h corn mill in South Africa

500t/24h wheat flour making machine in Ethiopia

300t/24h wheat milling plant in Afghanistan

240t/24h maize milling plant in Zambia

Hongdefa will visit Congo from 23th to 27th March 2019.

Please kindly contact with us by tel/whatsapp +86 138 3219 9261 for arranging a meeting appointment for corn flour mill machine.

Contact Hongdefa and start mill plan in Congo now.

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