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Hongdefa Team visit Kenya for maize milling machine on March

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

As we know the maize mill business is a big market in many Africa countries,like maize mill in Zambia,maize mill for Kenya, maize posho mill in Uganda,maize flour mill in Tanzania etc. In Kenya, Local people’s staple food is Unga,Ugali,fufu etc.The main food is Maize meal or maize flour ,in Nairobi,the market needs sifted maize meal and different grades, and in Mombasa,it’s more strict, people like the pure white maize meal, not so soft.

Maize mill is daily business, people eat maize flour everyday, With the development of economy, people's demand for maize flour is increasing. The maize flour industry is booming. Early investors have made money. Now many people want to invest in this industry.

Complete maize milling machine line contains cleaning, degerminating,milling, sifting, packing,controlling system to produce "super white and sift maize flour" suitable for Kenya Market.

In Kenya we have installed more than 100 sets complete line maize milling machine like 150T/24H, 100T/24H, 50T/24H, 30T/24H etc.

150t/24h maize milling plant project installed in Nairobi

It have been running more than 5 years. Now it become a very famous brand in Kenya. Nowadays the client to start the wheat flour mill project.

Kenya Client visit CHINA Hongdefa Factory

30T/24H maize flour milling machine for Kenya market

30T/24H maize milling machine in Kenya, He is a really very nice client. He come to our factory inspected the running maize milling machine, checked the final flour quality, then place the order.

Our engineers doing the installation and testing of his maize milling plant, training his workers to maintain the maize mill very well.

50T/24H maize milling machine in Thika Kenya

In 2014, Nairobi client ordered the 20T/24H maize milling plant. After years develop, his business become larger and larger, in 2017, he ordered a new 50T/24H maize milling plant with European standard. Makes his business more and mare profit.

With the continuous development of maize mill plant industry will show this trend, similar 30 years ago in China, there is many small factories for wheat flour mill, almost one county have 2 or 3 flour mill factories,the competition is very strong. 

Then some factory boss begin to think how can I earn money?

I have to enlarge my capacity, everyday I can processing extra 50T or 100T flour,then I will low down the sales price of my flour, but I can sale more, then other people will not have the ability to compare with me. When he have this planing,he begin to collect the money, find the finance, beginning to enlarge the capacity of the wheat flour mill, before he sale 1USD per kilo, now he low down the price to 0.8usd per kilo, all the housewife buy his flour, quality is fixed good, price is low, the other small factory have low market low client, after sometime, the other small wheat flour mill factory closed. Then the big wheat flour mill factory become bigger and bigger, that is why in China now the wheat flour market are controlled by few big factories. If you want to see the small wheat flour mill machine running, almost impossible. 

240T/24H maize milling plant

The trend is similar in Kenya. There are some small maize millers ,local made machines in Kenya,but the capacity is small and the production is small. If someone in Kenya are able to set up a big maize mill factory. Like 30t/24h, 50t/24h,100t./24h,150t/24h,200t/24h , then in the future he can follow the experience in China wheat mill factory,daily capacity is much more than the small maize millers, and he can sale the maize meal at a very competitive price! The small maize millers can sell the maize meal at 1USD per kilo,but He can sell the maize meal at 0.8USD per kilo. The wholesaler come to buy the maize meal from this big maize millers,the housewife come to buy his maize meal from the big maize millers, he will be the leader of the market! Finally he win in the market!

Hongdefa team

28th Feb, our team will visit Kenya. This time, our big team will bring advanced management and management experience share with our clients, and show your running maize mill machine in Kenya. Hope you have a meeting talk more.

Here is our contact details, if anything we can do, contact us freely:


Hongdefa Team visit #Kenya for #maizemillingmachine in #Nigeria

Contact Jane Liu (wahstapp/wechat) +86 132 2344 2174

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