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In Summer, What need Pay Attention to in Flour Mill Machine ?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

In Summer, What need Pay Attention to in Flour Mill Machine ?

Summer is a season of high temperature and high humidity, and it is also a period of frequent accidents in flour processing. How to do the technical adjustment and management of flour milling line is very necessary for the quality control of flour. Flour manufacturers should pay attention to the following matters:

Raw wheat in wheat flour mill machine

First, about the raw wheat

In order to meet the needs of production, some flour mill plant purchased large quantities of raw wheat, pay less attention to the quality of raw wheat, and brought some unqualified wheat into production. However, the quality of raw materials directly affects the quality of flour and its products. These unqualified raw wheat mainly include worm wheat, germinated wheat, new wheat and high temperature wheat.

A. worm wheat

Processing flour with worm wheat will first reduce the rate of flour extraction. In addition, due to the metabolism and reproduction activities of aphids, some excretions and eggs are formed in the wheat. These active substances are more difficult to remove during the wheat cleaning process, resulting in poor color and frequent biochemical activities. Flour and its products have discoloration, odor, and reduced gluten quality.

B. Germinated wheat

When harvest wheat, due to excessive rain or not drying in time, some wheat granules are germinated or about to germinate, so that the flour sticky in the edible, the surface is pale and the edible quality of the flour is deteriorated.

C. New wheat

The newly harvested wheat needs a “post-maturing period” before processing. The general post-maturing period is above 3 months. In this process, the wheat will improve its quality through its own breathing and other activities. Otherwise, the wheat can not be used for processing. The flour getting from the new wheat not only has a low yield, but also have poor color, poor gluten strength, and poor food quality,  the steamed bread can not afford, the sticky teeth, the noodles mixed soup etc.

D.High temperature and moldy wheat

Flour quality is reduced from high temperature or mildew wheat. Moreover, in summer, because of high temperature and high humidity in storage process, the wheat itself will starch hydrolysis, protein deterioration, mildew, etc., resulting in the wheat flour being black color, bitter, and even inedible.

Second,about the processing of wheat

Processing of wheat into wheat flour

The high temperature and high humidity climate in summer, affects the processing effect of wheat, mainly in moisture , milling and sifting of wheat:

A. moisture wheat

The moisture rate of wheat in summer do not need to be too high, around 14.5%- 15% is good. The degree of degradation of wheat under high temperature conditions is closely related to water. The higher the moisture rate, the lower the temperature that causes the quality of the wheat to decrease, the higher the opposite. In summer, due to the heat dissipation of the wheat itself and the external environment temperature, the temperature of the wheat itself is relatively high. Therefore, it is necessary to control the time of wheat moisture. The moisture time is generally controlled 18-24 hours (due to differences in wheat quality). The wheat bin should be cleaned frequently. If it is not cleaned frequently or stopped for a long time without being cleaned, the wheat left in the bin for a long time will be mildewed or protein denatured due to high temperature and high humidity, thus affecting the edible quality of the flour.

B.milling wheat

In summer, the moisture content of the flour is high and the viscosity is high too. In the milling section, if the roller’s distance is not well adjusted, a layer of powder ring will adhere to the surface of the roller, and the roller phenomenon will occur, causing the radial rotation of the roller and affecting the milling process. Effect and flour quality. Therefore, the roller distance should not be too close, and the bottom suction can be appropriately increased.

C.sifting of wheat flour

Sifting of wheat flour

Because the high humidity in summer, and the wheat flour has strong hygroscopic characteristics,so in summer, flour sifting section often suffers from the opaque phenomenon due to the excessive moisture of the material, which may be caused by the back flow of the material. This will seriously affect the quality of normal production and finished products. Therefore, in summer, could consider reducing the output per unit time, reducing the material flow, or increasing the pore size of the screen to avoid this phenomenon.

Third,storage of wheat and flour

Storage of wheat and wheat flour

A. storage of wheat

In summer, the flour mill machine factory may receive some new wheat into the warehouse. Because of its frequent breathing and other biochemical activities during the storage process, the new wheat will cause high temperature in the warehouse, coupled with high temperature and high humidity. The environment is very easy to cause protein deterioration and mildew in wheat. Therefore, the wheat storage work must be done well , shall strengthen ventilation and turn of bin.

B. storage of wheat flour

The hygroscopicity of flour also tends to cause agglomeration and mildew in the storage process. Therefore, the flour storage during this period should pay special attention to maintain good ventilation and suitable temperature. Wheat flour mill machine factory can use low temperature or hypoxia store. Moreover, it is necessary to avoid different batches, different grades of flour are mixed after packing, so as to avoid the exchange of moisture between them, and the storage time is long and often turned over.

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