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Some Measures For Prevention And Control of Pests In Flour Factory

During the hot and humid seasons, flour pests breed fastest and most vigorously. The biggest headache for flour mills is the problem of flour insects. Not good pest control, not only affect the quality of products, but also have a certain negative impact on economic efficiency, and then on the flour pest control problem, to share with you.

The first is the cognition of mealworms.


mealworms are mainly tribolium Castaneum, and their developmental stages are divided into four stages: Egg, Larva, PUPA and adult. The optimum developmental temperature was 27 °c ー30 °C and the relative humidity was 70% . The life cycle of tribolium castaneum was about 40 days under the condition of 29 °C, 75% relative humidity and whole wheat flour. Each female can lay more than 300 eggs in a lifetime. The rapid growth and reproduction of these insects make it difficult to prevent and control insect pests in flour mills.

Next is the place where the insects breed: in addition to the high temperature and humidity environment needed for the pests to grow and reproduce, they also need the relevant environment, which is generally not easy to clean up, such as the bottom of the barn, the strangler, the corner of the wall, etc.  These static areas, which are not suitable for removing the remaining flour, are the best breeding grounds for flour mealworms.

Wheat flour

Maize meal

1. Shorten storage life.

Make a more practical sales plan, flour production, timely distribution. The shorter the storage period of flour, the less likely it is to breed insects. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to forecast the market uncertainty, and to some extent it is easy to affect the sales plan and the total sales.

Maize flour and maize grits

2. Hygienic pest control.

The summer production workshop does not leave dead space, does not give the space which in the flour insect eggs propagates. To do after the shutdown, the equipment and pipes to empty the surplus materials, although it will cause some cleaning powder, but mainly destroyed the root causes of insect breeding, to a large extent, the control of insect pests. Workshop and storeroom should be well ventilated, because flour has inhalation effect, so must make air circulation, storage of flour around the environment, can not smell, off the wall to reduce flour contamination rate, reduce the breeding of insects and rats. The advantages of this method are green and low cost.

Bakery flour

3. Low temperature pest control.

Low temperature pest control. The ideal temperature for flour storage is 18 ~ 24°C, and the metabolism of insects can be reduced by too low temperature, so as to control pests. Therefore, the storage of flour environment to the right temperature and humidity, flour will change its moisture content according to the temperature and humidity of the environment, the greater the humidity, the water content of flour increase, easy to caking, speed up the breeding of insects. The higher the temperature is, the faster the flour will mature and the faster the insects will breed. However, the disadvantage of low temperature storage is the high cost.

4. Drying and killing insects.

We all know that dry flour with less than 13% moisture is not easy to breed insects. Therefore, using flour drying method, drying flour with high moisture content to 14% or less of the specified moisture content will reduce the breeding environment for flour insects Now there are domestic manufacturers using this technology. The advantages of this technology are to reduce the risk of pests and to improve the quality of flour, but it needs the support of a large market of special flour, because the reduction of water means the loss of economic benefits.

Dead Bugs

5. Drug Fumigation and inert gas pest control.

Drug Fumigation and inert gas pest control. Centralized shutdown in summer, after doing a good job to clean the machine sealed work, please have the national fumigation qualification of professional fumigation units of the production equipment for professional chemical fumigant. The advantage of this method is to completely kill most of the eggs, the disadvantage is that the fumigation cycle is too long, affecting market sales. If the use of inert gas fumigation will avoid the above trouble, but the cost is also high. Now many organizations are experimenting with inert-gas Nitrogen Packaging, which shows that nitrogen can suffocate pests, can be filled in closed production plants after a shutdown, or can be filled in flour bags To prevent the breeding of insects.

Drug Fumigation

In short, the elimination of pests in flour is a comprehensive control work, mainly based on prevention, integrated control.

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