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What are the requirements of flour mill factory for power facilities?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

  1. power supply

As flour mill operates continously for a long time, the requirements of power supply are relactively high. Firstly, it must ensure the long-term stability of the power, especially in the flour milling process, and do not cut off the power. Next, the voltage is must stable, otherwise it will damage the motors of electrical equipmennts.

2. Transformer

To build a new flour mill factory, you should select a transformer that matched the total power of equipments. And you should place the transformer as close to the electrical equipments as possible to avoid power attenuation when the cable is too long. The input and output voltage of transformer must be dertermined by the local exact data. Otherwise, the transformer cannot be working.

3. Generator

You can consider adding a generator if the local power supply cannot meet the normal production needs. You should select the generator according to the totol power of the equipments. Currently, there are the silent auxiliary facilities and automatic transform system of generators. So it has no impact on the surrounding environment.

4. Stabilizer

In oder to prevent flour mill from sudden power failure which will damage the equipments, you can consider adding the stabilizer. It ensures the equipment will be stopped gradually and avoid damage.

5. Motor

Flour mill is a system engineering. The type of equipment and the power of motor is different. So you should try to select the natioal standard professional manufacturers, and avoid non-standard non-profesional manufacturers. The Chinese standard motor is good for envirnmental protection and energy saving, It plays a good role in reducing the power consumption per ton of flour in flour mill factory.


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