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What is Hongdefa Business In Africa by China Africa Economic and Trade Fair

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The China Africa economic and Trade Fair is a biannual event co hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the People's Republic of China.

On January 9,2019, the first china-africa economic and trade fair was held in Beijing. From June 27 to 29,2019, the first china-africa economic and Trade Fair will be held in Changsha, Hunan Province.

Since 2014, trade and investment between Hunan and Africa have grown rapidly, with trade growing at more than 50 per cent for four consecutive years, reaching us $2.8 billion in 2018. Hunan has invested more than 120 enterprises in Africa, with a total contract investment of nearly US $1 billion. Since 2015, Hunan has hosted, for the fourth consecutive year, the fourth china-africa Investment Forum and a number of large-scale economic and trade events with Africa, such as the Hunan tour, which is the ambassador of African countries to China. At the same time, a multi-level and three-dimensional platform for economic and trade cooperation with Africa has been set up through the construction of economic and trade cooperation zones and the establishment of commercial representative offices in African countries.

The venue is a two-storey single hall. Total floor area 110000, indoor exhibition area 40000, first floor 22000, second floor 18000. Can Be set up international standard booth 2000, according to the need can be divided into different sizes of diverse exhibition area. Outside the exhibition hall is divided into West and south squares, with a total area of nearly 20,000. The pavilion is equipped with a press center, a conference room, a business center and a VIP lounge, and can accommodate 18 to 500 people.

Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center Co. , Ltd. is a secondary enterprise directly under Hunan Broadcasting System and Hunan Broadcasting System Under the management company, Golden Eagle Media, Golden Eagle Exhibition Company, Innovation Exhibition Business Department and other professional operating agencies and property department, Security Department, Finance Department, Administrative Department and other Functional Support Services Departments, for the exhibition, activities to provide exhibition services, activities to protect the implementation of project planning, Investment Promotion, organization and implementation, booth design and build a comprehensive, one-stop service.

The world's largest Chinese classifications for architecture include: Restaurant-west Lake Tower, an ecological theme Park-a window into the world beneath the sea, a window into the world As well as Hunan satellite TV and its cultural and creative park and other supporting catering, accommodation, tourism facilities, convenient transportation, exhibition, exhibition experience.

From June 27 to 29,2019, the first china-africa economic and Trade Fair will be held in Changsha, Hunan Province. The theme of the Expo is ``win-win cooperation and pragmatic promotion of china-africa economic and trade relations" . Mainly includes the meeting forum and the exhibition display two big blocks. In addition to the signing ceremony for major economic and trade cooperation projects, seminars on agriculture, trade, parks, infrastructure and financing cooperation will also be held As well as African countries investment promotion, China's provinces and cities promotion, china-africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Consultation and other economic and trade negotiations.

During the expo period, six exhibition areas will be set up, including the exhibition area for African countries, the exhibition area for china-africa Economic and trade cooperation achievements, the exhibition area for Cooperation Case Plans, the exhibition area for Chinese provinces, regions and cities, the exhibition area for Chinese enterprises, and the Online Expo Planning Exhibition area of 50,000 square meters, the venue and its construction by the organizing committee unified free of charge.

Venue: St. John's Hotel, Changsha, and Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center (Mango Pavilion)

ORGANIZERS: Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and Hunan Provincial People's government.

CONTRACTORS: Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Foreign Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce, Hunan Provincial Foreign Affairs Committee Office, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hunan Branch, Changsha Government of the People's Republic of China, Xiangtan Municipal People's government.

THEME: win-win Cooperation and pragmatic promotion of china-africa economic and Trade Relations


Focus on trade, agriculture, investment and financing, cooperation zones, infrastructure and other areas. 14 Events and 1 exhibit. The 14 events included an opening ceremony, 4 thematic seminars, 3 trade and economic fairs, 3 professional forums and 3 side events.

The opening ceremony was held on the morning of June 27. Officials from China and African countries were invited to deliver speeches, relevant experts and scholars made speeches, and a signing ceremony for major projects was held. The four seminars were the china-africa seminar on Agricultural Cooperation, the china-africa dialogue on infrastructure and financing cooperation, the china-africa bilateral trade promotion seminar and the china-africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone Development Seminar Scheduled for the afternoon of June 27. The three economic and trade fairs are the seminar on Investment Cooperation of African countries, the consultation on china-africa economic and trade cooperation, and the seminar on cooperation between participating provinces, regions and municipalities. The three professional forums are the four-nation investment dialogue between Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zambia, the 2019 china-africa Private Economic Cooperation Forum and the 2019 china-africa financial cooperation consortium senior officials'meeting. During the Expo, a welcome dinner, a field trip, a press briefing and other supporting activities will also be held. 2019 central enterprise into Hunan will also be held in Changsha at the same time.

In terms of exhibition and display, in accordance with the "5 + 2" model, china-africa Economic and trade cooperation achievements exhibition area, African Countries Exhibition area, Case Project Exhibition area, Chinese provinces and cities exhibition area and Enterprise Exhibition area have been set up 53 African countries and 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities will have their own exhibitions. At the same time, there is also an online expo. In addition, the "African Commodities Exhibition Hall" will be set up in Gaoqiao Market of Hunan Province to display and sell African characteristic commodities for a long time.

Trade fair

Participation in the exhibition: So far, 53 African countries that have established diplomatic relations Representatives of seven international organizations, including UNIDO, WFP, the Office of the resident coordinator in China, the China Office of un-women, the WTO, the ITC, the African Union and the Gates Fund, as well as the forum of Portugal and China, signed up to participate More than 1,600 foreign guests. Among them, there are 124 officials above the vice-ministerial level and 36 ambassadors. More than 5,600 people, including representatives from 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, 8 financial institutions, 15 state-owned enterprises and 127 subsidiaries of state-owned enterprises, and nearly 800 key enterprises in the industry, signed up for the conference. Among them, 33 officials above the vice-ministerial level and 25 heads of state-owned enterprises at the first level. In addition, about 3,500 exhibitors, buyers and professional visitors from home and abroad will participate in the total scale of the exhibition will exceed 10,000 people.

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