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Which countries will Hongdefa Engineers go for the installation in April and May?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

It’s busy time in April and May.

In last several month, Hongdefa team shipping lots of containers for client’s maize milling plants and wheat flour mills, nowadays the goods are already arrived client factory, in DR. Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Zambia and so on. When our client water and electric are ready, our after service department will arrange the installation

Hongdefa Team and loading the containers

Get from our after service department, in April and May we will have many machines on installation or start the installation.

First get from our RD Congo client, his 20T/24H maize milling machine almost finished the installation, another two week testing and training, he’s machine will be totally finished.

20T/24H maize milling plant installed in DR. Congo

After our engineer finished this line installation, he will go to another 30T/24H maize milling machine to make the installation in DR. Congo.

One set of 30T/24H maize milling machine finished the installation in Malawi, client side our engineer really professional, the workers are happy to work with our engineers.

30T/24H maize milling plant in Malawi

Our engineer already finished installation of the Malawi 30T/24H maize milling line, tomorrow he will back to China, soon will go to Mozambique to install the 50T/24H maize milling plant.

50T/24H maize milling machine

Two sets of 10T/24H maize milling machine in Tanzania already finished the installation, continuously he will go to another 20T/24H maize milling plant client’s factory to make the installation.

10T/24H maize milling plant installed in Tanzania

In the mean time, a 50T/24H maize mill lines installing in Dar-Es-Salaam by another engineer, he will guide the installation both maize mill lines and silos.

Nowadays we also have engineers installing the 150T/24h wheat flour milling machine in Egypt.

150T/24H wheat flour mill project in Egypt

As we have branch office in Ethiopia, it will be much convenient for the installation and after service.

Hongdefa Team in Ethiopia for wheat flour mills

Nowadays we are arrange the visa works for our engineers installation to Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Mali, when the visa finish, they will go to the destination for new machines installation.

Nowadays still have many goods on the way to clients factory and once arrived, electric ready, we will arrange our engineers to make the installation.

Thanks to our professional after-sales team, make our so many installation works to different countries very smooth and good.

After service is as same importation as the machine quality, our professional after service team will do their best to arrange all your installation work well.

For you thousands of times, our Valued customers!

Welcome contact with us if you want to know more about our maize milling plants and wheat flour mills:

Ms Jane Liu +86 139 3305 7265

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